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Motorbike James - me Roll

I wrote ‘me Roll’ about being comfortable in your own consciousness. Every minute of your life is spent inside your own head. There needs to be peace with that person, that space, that voice in your head. Most of the melodies and lyrics I write start from a stream of consciousness - ‘me Roll’ quite literally came from the voice in my head. What seems to be an ongoing theme in my writing is the notion of being unsure of what you’re doing, but embracing that narrative. Maybe we’re only really equipped for living in the moment. Existing from vibe to vibe, rolling through our days. Stream here

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This is Motorbike James

I can't believe my eyes. As if looking in a deep space mirror, a perfect mirage comes floating towards me. My eyes go wide, fixed upon the figure moving out of the shadows and into the light.He has so much color in his skin, standing strong and straight before me. There is a glow in his eyes. A youthful light, but with lifetimes of wisdom beyond that. Neither of us speak. Suddenly memories start flashing through my mind. Memories of my youth. Of warmth and love. I shut my eyes and feel myself within them. I feel the seasons on my skin, the warm air in my lungs. It's incredible.I feel reality no more, only the reality of these memories....

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